Ensuring the security of e-payments

BPC Processing pays a great attention to the security of the services provided, all the solutions comply with the international PCI DSS protocol. There is also an undoubtful list of measures that banks must comply with for a reliable and secure payment services:

  1. Data encryption: All sensitive data transmitted through payment processors must be protected with a strong encryption algorithms to prevent unauthorized access to any data.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (3DS 2.0): Banks must use multi-factor authentication methods to protect customer data, such as combining a password with SMS code or biometric authentication.
  3. Virus and Malware Protection: Banks must install and maintain antivirus software, as well as keep it up to date to prevent malware from infecting systems.
  4. Fraud Monitoring and Anomaly Detection: Banks should implement a reliable fraud monitoring and detection systems in place that may indicate possible unauthorized access or fraud attempts.
  5. Employee training and education: The employees who work with payment systems must be well-trained in security issues and know how to deal with fraud and suspicious activity.
  6. Regular Security Testing: Banks should conduct regular security testing of their payment systems to identify and fix vulnerabilities and issues.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: Banks must comply with regulatory requirements in the field of data protection and information security set by regulators and legislation.

All these points will help the bank to ensure a high level of security of its services and protect the privacy and financial information of customers.

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